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Standardized Patient, iEXCEL (Part-Time Temporary)

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Requisition Details


Location Omaha, NE
Requisition Number: Staff_7881
Department iEXCEL 50009652
Business Unit Academic Affairs
Reg-Temp Casual
Work Schedule 8:00 - 4:00 pm (Occasionally earlier or later or weekend)
Position Summary

Standardized Patients (SP) are trained to present a patient history and sometimes physical symptoms as they portray real patient cases in learning or testing situations and provide feedback to learners. The role of an SP is to behave as real patients might in a given situation, so our students can practice before seeing real patients in an office or hospital setting. Sample cases are depressions, lower back pain, joint pain, headache, chest pain, menopause symptoms, hypertension, urinary tract infection, partner violence and panic attack. Outside preparation is required to review, learn, and memorize specific case material so a case scenario is portrayed in a consistent, accurate, reliable and professional manner.

Position Details

Additional Information

Posting Category Healthcare
Working Title Standardized Patient, iEXCEL (Part-Time Temporary)
Job Title Standarized Patient
Appointment Type Z2 - TEMP OFF/SERV HRLY
Salary Range Tier 1: $21.50/hr (History/Physical exams) - Tier 2: $31.50/hr (Breast/Hernia exams) - Tier 3: $100/hr (Pelvic/Rectal exams)
Job Requisition Begin Date 08/25/2017

Required and Preferred Qualifications

Required Education: High School education or equivalent
If any degree/training is required, please specify the type:


Required Experience No Experience
If any experience is required, please specify what kind of experience:


Required License No
If yes, what is the required licensure/certification?
Required Computer Applications: Microsoft Outlook
Required Other Computer Applications: Basic computer and email proficiency. Experience with software programs to include MS Office.
Required Additional Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

- Available hours are sent out to all SPs when an event is being planned. Staff member required to reply to email if interested in supporting an event.
- Irregular hours, but mainly between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm

- Ability to understand and follow verbal and written instructions.
- Strong communication skills, both written and spoken and reading skill.
- Excellent recall of learner performance.
- Attention to detail.
- Ability to provide constructive feedback to students and colleagues.
- Work in a professional manner.
- Be comfortable having repeated physical examination maneuvers performed on self.
- Be willing to wear a hospital gown with only undergarments while on camera and/or observed live through an observation window or video monitor.
- Be willing to be audio and videotaped during simulations.
- Must be flexible and reliable regarding scheduling and assignments.
- Be highly dependable and punctual.

Preferred Education:
If any degree/training is preferred, please specify the type:
Preferred Experience:

The ability to memorize medical histories and recite them accurately, role play patient symptoms and emotional characteristics from scripted cases and provide individual and specific feedback.

Entry level requires sufficient medical information and interest to read, understand, memorize and react to specific medical conditions.

Work experience within a standardized patient program.

Preferred License: No
If yes, what is the preferred licensure/certification?:
Preferred Computer Applications:
Preferred Other Computer Applications:
Preferred Additional Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Applicants with acting experience are encouraged to apply, though this is not an obligatory skill set.

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  4. * Do you have experience with software programs to include MS Office?
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